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              Welcome: Badoosound Technology Co., Ltd
              Language: Chinese ∷  English

              OUR ADVANTAGE

              Why choose us

              20 years experience in audio manufacturing

              20 years experience in audio manufacturi

              Combine Germany technology with China's powerful production capacity to offer great audio
              Professional development and design team

              Professional development and design team

              Professional audio designers from Germany and China concentrate enery to get best products
              Famous in audio industries

              Famous in audio industries

              Great product quality has won wide market acclaim. Badoo Sound becomes famous step by step
              Intimate after-sales service

              Intimate after-sales service

              Responsible team providing professional and technical support to all customers......

              ABOUT US


              about us

              1997, in Shenzhen the innovation center of China, a great company Badoo Sound Technology Ltd, was founded by several audio enthusiasts with years of experience, aimed at providing audio industry with high quality sound equipments. Now Badoo Sound has built a large factory in China, focus on manufacturing high quality speakers and power amplifiers. And we built a R&D lab in Germany led by the chief audio designer Solomon Neumann who has more than 30 years experience in audio design and manufacturing. The lab brings lots of great idea to Badoo Sound, and it is the source of design for our products. At the mean time, Badoo Sound established strong business c...

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